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Good Union Members Respect Picket Lines

03 Jun 2024

A good union member is extremely careful when confronted with a picket line situation. When a picket line is established on a job where they are working:

  • They leave. They do not talk - just leave.
  • They do not hang around near the job.
  • They read the picket sign as they leave.
  • They know that once a picket line is established, their business agents, and other union officials are legally gagged and handcuffed from giving advice pertaining to that job. They can only tell them if the picket line is authorized.

A good union member knows their rights:

  • They have the right not to work behind any picket line.
  • They have the right to decide for themselves whether to walk off a job being picketed.
  • They understand that their trade may be under attack next.
  • They know that a two-gate system means a picket line and they have the right not to work, no matter how many gates the employer sets up.

Know your rights. Be prepared ahead of time to react to picket lines.