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DC7 Restraining Order

31 Oct 2023

Last week DC7 obtained a restraining order against Joshua Hanson. Mr. Hanson was ordered to cease harassing DC7, its employees, and its members. It also orders Mr. Hanson to stop contacting DC7, its employees, and its members directly or through another party. As members of the Union, you are protected by this restraining order. Only Mr. Hanson’s behavior is restrained by this order. As a member of DC7 you are protected by the order and it is not a violation of the order for you to contact Mr. Hanson. DC7 understands some members may be friends with Mr. Hanson, but members should keep their friendship with Mr. Hanson separate from their union activity. Anyone who relays a message from Mr. Hanson to DC7 employees and members, you could be contributing to his violation of the restraining order. DC7 recommends that all who want to avoid Mr. Hanson’s contacts block his phone number and social media presence. If you are contacted by Mr. Hanson and the contact is unwanted, please let Jeff Mehrhoff know.